leak detection gold coast

Is your water bill higher than normal?

Even the smallest of water leaks can add hundreds of dollars to the average household water bill. By using the most sophisticated locating & tracing equipment in combination with acoustic listening equipment we are able to accurately locate even the smallest of leaks.

By doing this you can significantly reduce the damage caused to the property when it comes time to repair. For example, removing a small section of concrete instead of an entire driveway.

As licensed plumbers we are able to not only find but repair the leak in most cases.






case study - leak detection gold coast

We received a phone call from a member of a body corporate who explained that they had water dripping from the ceiling in a stair well in the common area. A number of different people had alraedy tried to locate the source of the problem without any success. The body corporate was in desperate need of the issue resolved as it was a safety hazard and had already cost them a significant amount of money. 

One of our expert Gold Coast leak dectors was able to respond immediately. Upon inital invesigation, and by using the lastest listening equipment, Troy was able to trace the water to a locked store room on the level above that belonged to one of the units. Located in this store room was a hot water heater that had rusted out and was leaking water. As a plumber, Troy was able to also install new hot water system to resolve the issue. Happy client and Body Corporate.




when to call your gold coast leak detector

Leak Detection is a very specialist skill that is not widely known. A lot of the time people can have leaks for a long period of time without even knowing it and it is not until they become a major issue that you are aware of them. Here are couple of tips to help you identify if you could have a water leak

  • Patches of water in your property when it hasn't been raining
  • Areas of your garden or lawn that are significantly greener/healthier 
  • You can hear running water but there aren't any taps turned on
  • A letter from the Council - this is an important one, if your local council advises you that you may have a water leak then you probably do. The Council keeps track of your water usuage and unless you have filled a pool in your last quarter then you more than likely have a leak.

By contacing your local Gold Coast Leak Detector we are able to very quickly identifiy if you do have a leak and how serious it is. This can be done in just a few minutes. If a leak has been identified our Leak Dectors can then assist you in locating where it is to ensure minimal damage and cost.