We service South East Queensland, including Gold Coast, Brisbane, and the Sunshine Coast


Service Locator in Sunshine Coast

Using the most advanced ground penetrating radars and acoustic listening equipment our service locators are able to safely and accurately locate the following:

  • High and low voltage cables
  • Water 
  • Communication cables (TPG, Telstra, Optus, NBN and other optic fibre cabling)
  • Sewer
  • Stormwater
  • Gas

In addition to the above we can also locate any underground tanks, voids and other underground objects. 

Understand Why a Service Locator in Sunshine Coast is Essential

Whether you plan to excavate public land or an area in your back yard, a service locator in Sunshine Coast will set you up for a successful operation. SEQ Locating and Leak Detection ensures the land you dig is free of underground utilities.

SEQ Locating and Leak Detection in Sunshine Coast



How Much do You Really Know about Underground Service Locators in Sunshine Coast?

  • Detecting anything underground demands quality equipment. Our underground penetrating radar machine has an antenna that sits on a lawnmower-like device. A radar is pulsed underground, and then the time it takes to return is measured. These machines locate any structures, including plastic pipes that can't be found by traditional transmitters and receivers.
  • We service private homes and public facilities. If you plan on renovating your home, building a pool, or landscaping your yard, keep in mind that public utilities may run under your property. Even though your property is private, you have a responsibility to the public to use underground service locators in Sunshine Coast to keep the underground services in good working order.
  • Using a cable locator in Sunshine Coast for private projects is essential to avoid serious injury, especially as damage to some underground utilities can cause an explosion. The same holds on public land. Keep in mind that if you damage any underground public utilities on public or private property, you could incur severe fines.


Why You Should Use SEQ Locating and Leak Detection as Your Underground Service Locators on the Sunshine Coast

Using any service locator makes prudent business sense. You will save time and money by knowing what lies beneath the land you excavate. Detailed below are reasons why we are the best solution to your cable locator needs in Sunshine Coast:

  • With years of experience, we know how to get the job done quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently. Using our know-how means you are getting the best that money can buy.
  • We provide a high level of professionalism. Our highly trained staff are CLO and DBYD accredited, which means we have been certified by an industry assessor to use appropriate equipment, demonstrate expertise safely and use locating techniques to industry standards.
  • Not only are we available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet your needs, we also service multiple locations. You'll find us in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay, and Northern New South Wales. As your company grows, we are there to grow with you.



About SEQ Locating and Leak Detection

With possibly the best experience in the industry, you can rest assured knowing you are in secure hands with any project. Whether you need service locating in mines, for the council, through another tradesman, or at your private residence, we are the company for you. Learn more about how our services will help you with your projects by contacting us today.

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