We service South East Queensland, including Gold Coast, Brisbane , and the Sunshine Coast.


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Using the most advanced ground penetrating radars and acoustic listening equipment our service locators are able to safely and accurately locate the following:

  • High and low voltage cables
  • Water 
  • Communication cables (TPG, Telstra, Optus, NBN and other optic fibre cabling)
  • Sewer
  • Stormwater
  • Gas

In addition to the above we can also locate any underground tanks, voids and other underground objects. Call your Gold Coast service locator for a quote today!

How do Service Locators in Gold Coast Resolve Underground Hurdles?

Professional service locators in Gold Coast are sought after primarily for their ability to detect underground services. It’s no secret that this requires high levels of experience. Underground service locating can only be detected with specific tools of this trade.

The Importance of Underground Service Locators in Gold Coast

Service locating is an essential job to undertake before digging for financial and safety reasons, but why is it so important to choose the right service locator in the Gold Coast?

  • There are a range of services that could potentially be beneath the ground, such as high voltage cables, Communication cables, water, or gas pipes. With a wide range of services that could potentially be in your way, it’s important to seek a skilled service locator equipped with the different tools and methods to locate the variety of services.
  • Often, services are not located very deep underground. This communicates how easy it is to accidently breakthrough a stormwater or gas pipe and spend both valuable time and money to fix it.
  • Hitting and cutting off any of these cables can be detrimental. It is for this reason that we need to have a specific set of techniques, that enable us to perform our tasks in a manner which is skilful, efficient, accurate and beneficial. Our service locators are CLO and DBYD certified, so you can trust us to handle any job big or small.
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Why SEQ Locating and Leak Detection is Cost-Effective?

Our personnel are CLO and DBYD accredited. This means we are certified locators who have undergone both comprehensive theory and practical field assessments from an industry assessor.

We have been around within this industry for some time, which has enabled us to forge successful relationships with both residential and commercial companies including corporate mining company BHP. We are not limited to one particular area, and if you are within Queensland, Brisbane, Gold coast, Sunshine coast or NSW, we will be able to assist you with any underground locating assistance.
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Why Trust SEQ Locating and Leak Detection Regarding Cable Locators in Gold Coast.

Locating services is not a job that involves a strenuous amount of work, however it's something that no amateur can undertake. Service locating requires high quality equipment as well as the precision and accuracy gained only from experience. Before digging, consider asking a service locator to look for any underground services for the following reasons:

  • Striking through a Telstra, Optus or NBN cable can be a very expensive mistake. Something that can cost you thousands of dollars to repair is also something that can be easily prevented with an underground service locator in the Gold Coast.
  • Locating services is not only cost effective for your wallet, but also for your safety. Low and high voltage power cables are examples of the types of underground services that can be fatal if struck. Be smart and hire an expert to assess what's beneath the ground before you dig.
  • We are one of the most economical service locators. Despite our extensive experience within this industry, we strive to keep our prices within your budget whether it involves manually probing the ground for electrical wires or using our ground penetrating radar in the Gold Coast.



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I dont need a locator, i have my ascons?!

When you build a new home or buy an existing property you are provided with a set of plans that the outline the services located on your property. So why do you still need to call an underground service locator?

Firstly, if you have purchased an existing property those plans can be very old and inacurate, they are not required to be updated and very rarely are. In addition to this, they only provide and rough location of the each underground service and they do not include depths. For example, these plans will show a sewer line from pit to pit ut what it doesn't show is how the line is run between the two points and the depth.

People are also unaware that it's not only your underground service that can through your property. It is common for main sewer lines that service a number of homes to run through your property. 


If you want to install a pool, landscape your back yard it is essential to ensure you have the accurate location and depth of all serices. The consequences for hitting are not only very expensive but they result in death if you were to hit a power line.

It is also important to understand that stormwater and sewer lines are council property, meaning if you damage them, although it is on your property the council will charge you for the repairs and if it is a main line this is very expensive and is not covered by insurance as it is negligant for not having your service located prior to commencement of work.

Locating of these services is a quick and inexpensive, so put your mind at ease and call your Gold Coast Service locator now.

Locating of these services is a quick and inexpensive, so put your mind at ease and call your Gold Coast Service locator now.


We service South East Queensland, including Gold Coast, Brisbane, and the Sunshine Coast.


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