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Leak Detection on the Gold Coast

Using Leak Detection on Your Gold Coast Property to Remedy Problems

When your water usage climbs month after month with no apparent reason, it's time to ask for help with leak detection on your Gold Coast property. The longer a leak is left unchecked, the more damage it can do — from causing wood rot to damaging foundations, drowning garden beds, or just driving up your monthly expenses. At SEQ Locating and Leak Detection, we understand how frustrating it can be to hear or see the evidence of a leak without locating the source. With our advanced listening equipment and training, however, we can help you solve this troublesome nuisance. 

when to call your gold coast leak detector

Leak Detection is a very specialist skill that is not widely known. A lot of the time people can have leaks for a long period of time without even knowing it and it is not until they become a major issue that you are aware of them. Here are couple of tips to help you identify if you could have a water leak

  • Patches of water in your property when it hasn't been raining
  • Areas of your garden or lawn that are significantly greener/healthier 
  • You can hear running water but there aren't any taps turned on
  • A letter from the Council - this is an important one, if your local council advises you that you may have a water leak then you probably do. The Council keeps track of your water usage and unless you have filled a pool in your last quarter then you more than likely have a leak.

By contacing your local Gold Coast Leak Detector we are able to very quickly identifiy if you do have a leak and how serious it is. This can be done in just a few minutes. If a leak has been identified our Leak Dectors can then assist you in locating where it is to ensure minimal damage and cost.



The Best Advice You Can Hear About Leak Detection in Brisbane

If you've never encountered a problem such as this before, the right steps to take are not always apparent. Understanding your role in addressing the issue can help ensure a more satisfying outcome. Keep the following tips in mind: 

  • Know the signs to look for that indicate you have an undetected leak. These can include pools of water on the ground during dry spells, the constant sound of running water, or evidence of damage.
  • Don't delay; call today. It's more than just a rhyme — it's an important rule of thumb to keep in mind when you suspect or know there is a leak that could ultimately be a hazard to your health or home.
  • Put your trust in an experienced Gold Coast professional with the latest equipment and understanding. Sometimes, leaks are where you least expect them — and often where you may not even be able to reach.



Why Trust SEQ Locating and Leak Detection on the Sunshine Coast?

Understanding the need to move quickly is one thing; knowing where to turn is another. Why is SEQ Locating the right choice for helping heal your home? There are many reasons, among them: 

  • The SEQ Locating team brings more than a decade and a half of experience to bear for the benefit of our Sunshine Coast and Brisbane area clients. This knowledge makes pinpointing even tricky leaks a less complicated undertaking.
  • Our team has an extensive array of certifications and accreditations, illustrating our currency on the most modern leak detection techniques and hardware.
  • We can conduct many of the repairs necessary to address and resolve leaks. As licensed plumbers, we can propose a cost-effective solution to your issue once we've identified the source of the leak. For example, in one undertaking for a client, we identified an old water heater leaking a significant amount of water. After finding the heater, we replaced it, saving the client the time and expense of contracting with another outside provider. 

With our dedication to customer satisfaction and our track record of success, we can help put this problem to bed as soon as possible.



Why Should You Use SEQ Locating and Leak Detection?

Our fully mobile service is ready to roll to your location; we schedule quickly and arrive on time, never keeping you waiting for hours without an update. With the ability to service the Gold Coast along with the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, we can respond to needs in various locations. We service more than homes, too, offering professional leak detection for industrial applications, body corporates, and more. Contact us now for help.



case study - leak detection gold coast


We received a phone call from a member of a body corporate who explained that they had water dripping from the ceiling in a stair well in the common area. A number of different people had alraedy tried to locate the source of the problem without any success. The body corporate was in desperate need of the issue resolved as it was a safety hazard and had already cost them a significant amount of money. 

One of our expert Gold Coast leak dectors was able to respond immediately. Upon inital invesigation, and by using the lastest listening equipment, Troy was able to trace the water to a locked store room on the level above that belonged to one of the units. Located in this store room was a hot water heater that had rusted out and was leaking water. As a plumber, Troy was able to also install new hot water system to resolve the issue. Happy client and Body Corporate.


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