Who We Are?

At SEQ Locating & Leak Detection we are committed to providing all our clients a quality and accurate service. With over 15 years experience in Plumbing, Service location and Leak Detection we have the knowledge to locate even the smallest of leaks and services.

Using the latest equipment allows us to service everything from residential, commercial to industrial.

We can help you with;

  • Service Location
  • Leak Detection

Servicing Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay, Northern New South Wales.

SEQ Locating & Leak Detection are both DBYD and CLO accredited.

SEQ Locating and Lead Detection

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Leak Detection



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Pipe & Utility Location




Why do you need a service locator?

  • Are you renovating your house?
  • Putting in a pool?
  • Landscaping your front yard?

Did you know that most properties have underground services located on them eg. Power, telecommunication and water?

The consequences for failing to locate the area and digging up one of these services is not only very costly but it can result is catastrophic injuries.

In many instance you are now required to have a qualified locator, locate and report on the area of interest before any work can commence.

Put your mind and ease, and call SEQ Locating & Leak Detection.

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